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Jondo & Mariam Teaching Family from Canada

We are the teaching family (Canada) intending to work in China preferably in Changchun, Jilin province. Our work experience embraces teaching to adults and kids via TESOL methodology on different levels. In addition I am experience in teaching Greek, Russian course too.

As for the personality we are a very friendly family with two kids and prefer long-term employment (one-year or longer) contract.

Our teaching style has always been a mixture of a proper classroom management, teaching competence and student-teacher rapport in extra-curricula activities such as regular English Corners, Drama Workshops, Discussion Sessions, English through Media Classes.

In addition, we have been traveling a lot during past few years and, I would say, we are “culture shockproof” and admire ancient cultures such as China is famous for. Our kids as well as us are eager to acquire knowledge of not only Chinese culture but also the language as the language is the biggest part of the culture itself.

Our methodology is based on a PPP (presentation, practice, production) approach and with our students in a teaching process we employ “elicit” criteria instead of “just feed” one. It is the most effective method to achieve outstanding results in the production.

As for the documentation and detailed resumes please email us your offers and we will not delay with a response.

Hope to obtain many new friends and colleagues.

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