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Andrei Kudriavtcev andreikud93@mail.ru

My name is Andrei Kudriavtcev and I am writing to apply for the position of English teacher in kindergarten. As I have experience working in Russian kindergarten, and sales manager, the presence of the Australian University bachelor’s degree and Russian University master’s degree, I think that I can join and help any team in a set order.

As an ESL teacher in kindergarten, sharing the English language with children, gives me great satisfaction and joy. That’s one of my reasons to be a teacher of kindergarten in China. I’m responsible for teaching children of 3 to 6 years old, creating material for conversation. Also I sing, act, tell stories, and engage the children in interesting conversations. This invaluable experience taught me a lot about working with children and how to win their respect.

I have four year Bachelor Degree of Business Administration, from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia, five year Master’s Degree in Global Economy, Russia. My family chooses this major for me, so I can become a successful manager, but I really like my teaching experience and I want to grow in this direction. My love for teaching language to children, and my fascination with China culture are the two main motivations that fuel my desire to teach in China. I was in China many times and I don’t need time to adapt.

Also I have been traveling a lot, and lived in USA for 3 months, lived in New Zealand for 1 month, lived in Canada for 1 month, lived in England for 1 month, where I was in language schools and studied English.

I also worked as a sales manager where sometimes spent seminar of English for my colleagues. From there I have an experience of communicating with different people. A lot of people include my boss told me that sound like American and speak without any ascent.

I hope that you will give me the opportunity to teach in your school. I would love to come and do what I enjoy the most: teach language to kids. I will be available for work from the middle of March. I have attached my resume, self photo, photo of my Diploma, Bachelor, and certificates from English schools.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

With regards,
Andrei Kudriavtcev

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