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Fujian/Xiamen Public Univ. & College Education/Training 10K CNY 1000-9999 per.
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Jimei University is a multi-disciplined university which mainly focuses on teaching, undergraduate education and the cultivation of applied senior talents with creative spirit and practical abilities. It serves the local economic construction and social development. Jimei University enrolls students from all over the country. It presently consists of 19 colleges, offering 19 postgraduate programs, 2 course master degrees, 49 undergraduate programs, and 6 associate undergraduate programs in 8 disciplines: Engineering , Agronomy, Economics, Administration,Pedagogy, Science , Literature, and Law. These 8 disciplines, including postgraduate education, undergraduate education, associate undergraduate education, overseas education and adult education, form a comprehensive school-running system. In addition, Jimei University has successfully established joint programs with universities and academic institutes abroad. Among the 1526 full-time teachers currently in Jimei University, there are 149 professors and 457 associate professors, 192 Ph. D. degree holders, and 742 master degree holders. To date, one professor has been selected as a member of the national level “Thousands of Talents Program”, while 11 professors have been chosen for the same title at the provincial level and 7 have been chosen for membership of “New Century Talents Supporting Plan of High Education College in Fujian Province”. Jimei University now has one jointly employed academician, and three people have respectively been awarded “Outstanding Worker”, “Outstanding Moral Educator”, “Outstanding Ideological and Political Educator” at the national level. Moreover, there are two teaching teams and 29 people have separately received the honor of “ Star of Moral Teaching”, “Excellent Individual at Moral Teaching”, “Outstanding Teacher”, “May 1st Labor Medal”, “New Long March Pioneer “, “Outstanding Educator” at the provincial level.