Wang Zi Cheng Long training school
Sichuan/Chengdu Language Training School Education/Training ×10KRMB 20-99 per.
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Wang Zi Cheng Long, a private training school established in 1998 with the approval of competent department for education, is a school aiming at cultivating students in courses and arts. At present, it has developed into one head school and 16 wonderful teaching branches. It has turned out to be one of the largest schools, which has greatest effect on students and won the best reputation. Advanced teaching thoughts and scientific teaching methods are brought in and carried out in the teaching process, which requires all the staff treat students with great patience, love, care and meticulous guidance. Meanwhile, teaching quality, scientific management and considerate service are always rising. As a result, it has gained so many awards such as: the famous school in West China , the most public reliable school in education trade ,The most popular Award,the most popular and reliable agency, the advanced group in private education , one of the ten best education agencies, the most excellent teaching and teachers. Focus reports to the school were constantly covered on Sichuan TV many times. On August 29, 2009, it was specially covered in the program Economic Half an Hour on CCTV. In July, 2009, a survey— the white book about the remedial teaching on holidays, made by Chengdu Commercial Daily and Shengniao Statistics Company, shows that the school rank 1 with the highest percentage (26%) as the most popular school accepted by students’ parents. In the next year 2010, another similar survey, made by Chengdu Commercial Daily and, the school, again, stands on the top with the percentage (25.89%) to be the first choice of parents. As is known, there is nothing best but the better. The motto of the school, as they put it, is that we are always improving our teaching quality and service. With the advantages of so many years in this field, make it a first-class school in course and art training in China.