Huanghuai University

6,Kai Yuan Rd.Zhumadian,Henan,463000,China

Huanghuai University is approved by the Ministry of Education of the State. It is a full-time and multidisciplinary public school under the People-s Government of Henan Province. The University is located in Zhumadian City in Henan Province, where is in Central China, and was also called Tianzhong in ancient times, and boasts a long history and a brilliant culture, and is one of the cradles of Chinese ancient Taoism, Confucianism, Legalist School and the Military Strategist School. Here is the birthplace of numerous historic and cultural celebrities such as Li Si, Han Fei, Fan Zhen, Heng Kuan, Gan Bao, Xu Shen and so on, who had helped to form the cultural tradition of attaching great importance to education, advocating science and seeking truth. The age-old history has laid strong cultural **** for the establishment of Huanghuai University.
      The University is situated in the city suburb, and is close to the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway and Zhengzhou International Airport. The transport is very convenient. Around it there are many natural scenic areas such as the Boshan Lake-a national forest park, Chaya Mountain-a national geological park, and also the human landscapes such as the Hometown of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, the Resort of Pan Gu. The environment is beautiful with waters and mountains. The campus occupies an area of 1.4 million square meters with complete modern teaching and living facilities as well as green grass and luxuriant trees. Quiet, elegant and beautiful, it offers a comfortable environment with deep cultural connotations for study and living.
      The University takes undergraduate education as the principal educational goal, has set up 14 departments, an international business school and a school for adult education. It offers 33 specialties, and also offers some higher professional programs by the needs of the social development. Its specialties cover nine disciplines including art, science, engineering, law, medicine, agriculture, history, management, and education. There are now 13000 students and 4800 adult-students.
      The University pays great attention to the construction of a qualified team of teachers, and carries out the strategy of reinvigorating the University through human resources, constantly enhances its endeavor in the construction of an echelon of qualified personnel and academic team. It has now more than 1100 teaching and administrative staff, of which there are more than 200 professors and assistant professors, and 150 teachers with doctoral or master-s degrees. It has conducted academic exchange and cooperation by inviting several foreign teachers from Britain, USA, Australia, Canada and Poland to teach in the University, and also more than 30 specialists and scholars from famous universities and colleges and research institutions at home and abroad as part-time professors and to teach regularly at school. It attaches equal emphasis on teaching and academic research by encouraging and supporting teachers to conduct academic research, to keep abreast of the latest developments of different disciplines, and apply the academic achievements in these fields to teaching practice and to promote teaching through academic research. The Tianzhong Journal published by the University is an influential magazine, and it has become an important platform for exhibiting achievements of academic research, and is one of the National Excellent University Journals and the First National Top 100 Journals of Social Sciences. In the recent 3 years, there have been more than 270 academic works, 3000 papers published and also more than 100 research projects finished, and more than 500 rewards for academic research received by teachers and research personnel.
      The University takes people first in its training model and tries to enlarge the extent of specialties by breaking the barriers among them, to establish a common platform of education by strengthening overlaps and integrations among different disciplines, to upgrade teaching methods and contents by using heuristic or conversational method of teaching, to protect and cultivate curiosity, desire for knowledge and the spirit of exploration of students, to highlight the cultivation of the students ability of practical performance, independent thinking, innovation, inter**** and coordination, social activities and individual personalities, and to create an atmosphere of advocating and pursuing truth and an environment for free and full development of talents and their potentialities. The graduates have strong academic ****, high comprehensive quality, ability of flexible adaptation and deep reserve for development, and are very popular on the market. In 2005, Pretty Huadan, a program performed by the dancing team of the University won the first prize in an art performance by college students at home.
      The University adheres to the road of opening up and international cooperation, and has been actively conducting various exchanges and cooperation with well-known universities at home and abroad. It has established International Business School and has conducted in-depth cooperation with universities in respect of textbooks, teachers and training of students.

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