Gongqing College of Nanchang University
Jiangxi/Nanchang Public School Education/Training ×10KRMB 1000-9999 per.
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Nestled comfortably between Jiujiang and Nanchang, on the western shore of Poyang Lake, in northern Jiangxi province, is Gongqing City. There is a saying that China’s national bird is the crane, because of all the mechanical cranes being used in China’s construction boom. The saying could have two meanings when applied to Gongqing City because its sky includes both the mechanical kind of crane, and the feathered kind, because of the proximity to Poyang Lake, China’s largest freshwater lake. The city is also near Mount Lu, one of China’s most famous mountains, rich in history and beauty. Although Gongqing City is small, it is situated about midway between Jiujiang to the north and Nanchang, the provincial capital, to the south. It takes no longer than half an hour to Nanchang or Jiujiang by bullet train. Situated as it is, its size is part of its charm. It is small enough to avoid many of the disadvantages of a larger, more congested, city while being close enough to major cities to partake of their advantages.

There are more than 10000 students in the college and the scale is becoming larger and larger. There are more than 50 English teachers and more than 1200 students in our department, English and Chinese Language and Literature Department. Besides those, the school also invites a few experienced teachers from other universities. We have our own English newspaper and broadcasting station. We also hold different kinds of contests and activities. At present, there are 6 foreign teachers.
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