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Shanghai Language Training School Education/Training ×10KRMB 100-499 per.
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Why Shanghai?
Shanghai – the New York of Asia - is a vibrant, well connected international hub with something for everyone whether that is nightlife, food, sport, music, fashion or something else!
With an expat population of around 300,000, home-comforts and fellow English speakers are easy to find. However, it is also perfect for those looking to immerse themselves into Chinese culture.
Its exceptional public transport system makes it easy to explore while its thousands of restaurants and bars provide a varied and interesting social life. Being a major city, it is both domestically and internationally well-connected.

Why Giraffe?
Ranked in the top 10 English schools in Shanghai, Giraffe provides a western learning experience to Children aged 3-12 years old.
We provide a generous compensation package underpinned with caring professional and personal support including 3 months of paid training, ensuring that you are comfortable and confident when you are required to teach.
Classrooms are all well equipped with toys, a large whiteboard and are spacious enough to provide a comfortable environment. Class sizes are capped at 13 and you will always be accompanied by a native bilingual Chinese speaker.
Our syllabus provides an easy structure to follow and our equipment cupboard is well stocked with all sorts of toys, games and flashcards which makes lesson planning less time-consuming and lessons easier to teach. Marking and administration is looked after by Chinese teachers.