Changzhou No.1 High School
Jiangsu/Changzhou Language Training School Education/Training 10K CNY 20-99 per.
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With the mission of advocating education equity, bringing in excellent education resources from overseas and promoting education innovation, N&A Education Consultancy (Beijing) Co. Ltd introduces curriculums and education resources of American high schools to key senior high schools all over China. With the team of top international educational experts and practitioner from China and overseas, N&A has also conducted a great deal of international curriculum research and practice. Taking the essence of both Chinese and western high school education, N&A has already built up a unique education system called HHU Program (High School to High Level University), which is more suitable for Chinese students’ needs of quality international education. The program will systematically develop students’ English language ability, academic ability, multi-culture communication ability and research ability, and prepare them well for entering the world-class universities all over the world.
N&A has set up 6 teaching centers across China so far, such as in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Heilongjiang provinces. Hundreds of graduates successfully enter ideal universities in the USA through HHU program each year.
The subjects we provide to the students include: SAT, TOEFL, SOCIAL SCIENCE, HISTORY, MATH, HEALTH, LITERATURE, ECONOMICS, ETC.