Beijing XDF at Yangzhou
Jiangsu/Yangzhou Language Training School Education/Training 10K CNY 20-99 per.
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Beijing New Oriental Education & Technology, Inc. (NOE&TI) was developed from Beijing New Oriental School was established in 1993. Through several years of struggle and efforts, so far it has supplied about 80% of Beijing and 50% of China 's going abroad training market. More than 350,000 students study with NOE&TI in Beijing and branches in Shanghai , Guangzhou , Wuhan , Tianjing, Nanjing , Yangzhou , Xian, Shenzhen, Chongqing , Shenyang , Chengdou, and Toronto . It is the largest comprehensive foreign language training organization in China . The senior level leaders of NOE&TI were met cordially by Vice Premier of the State Council Li Lanqing and Chretien, Premier of Canada. After achieving tremendous success in the field of adult education, NOE&TI has successfully ventured into the field of basic education and established the Beijing New Oriental Foreign Language School at Yangzhou .

President Yu Minhong was born in Jiangyin , Jiangsu Province. He is a famous educator, the founder of New Oriental, the President of NOE&TI, the deputy chairman of Chinese Youth Entrepreneur Associations, a committee member of All-China Youth Federation, and a famous English teaching and managerial expert. Words of President Yu Minhong: There is no road original to the world. When more and more people walk in the same path, they make a road. There was no New Oriental in the world at first. More and more people came, and we set it up. Today, New Oriental is an exciting road on which to travel. We do hope that with all of our strength, intelligence, and lives we can write a brilliant chapter of the educational future of China . Beijing New Oriental Foreign Language School at Yangzhou is exactly the outcome of New Oriental's ideas in the field of basic education.