Peking University Experimental School (Zhuhai)
Guangdong/Zhuhai Private Middle School Education/Training 10K CNY 100-499 per.
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About the International Department:
This position is good for a jack-of-all-trades teacher who enjoys the challenges of curriculum development in a multi-ability classroom. Our Chinese high school students spend two years in the program improving their academic English skills while preparing for the TOEFL exam. Their goal is admittance into the US community college system as a stepping stone for their final two years at a four year university. Our goal is to prepare them for the expectations of the US education system by focusing on developing study skills, independent study skills, critical thinking skills and logical reasoning while improving their English level. Some of our students underperformed on their high school entrance exams, so good motivational and classroom management skills are a plus. Their TOEFL scores range between 42-78. Currently we have two classes of students (Year 1 and Year 2) and will be collaborating with the new Aviation Program.

The School/Island Life/ Zhuhai
PKUZ sits across from the beach on Qi'ao Island on the northern end of Zhuhai. This island is up in the Pearl River Delta, so the water is brackish and the beaches tend to catch a lot of flotsam and jetsam. The island is 24 kilometers around, a combination of low coastal mountains and fertile valleys, with beaches on the south and east side, and a mangrove preserve and mangrove forests on the north and west side. The southern coastline is the edge of the territory for the Chinese White dolphins. The northern side is surrounded by oyster beds. On the island, about 3 kilometers away from the school is a small historical village, Qi'Ao Cun, with a population of a couple thousand, a handful of restaurants, a small daily outdoor market, and other mom and pop shops. There is a small fishing village on the bay in front of the school with a local store. The extensive Guangdong Greenway bike trail system joins up with the island.