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Guangzhou H!R Management Consulting Co.,LTD.

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Who We Are:

Our company aims to provide professional help for employers and employees in China. We are an honest, reliable and responsible company, with helpful and respectful employees, who have long-term partnerships with people worldwide. We primarily work in the education sector, helping teachers and schools to find compatible employment options. We also offer a comprehensive service which ensures that all legal requirements are met for the employment of foreign passport holders, including support throughout the visa application process and help with registration.

Our company is helping our partners especially our official schools in China to look for good English teachers. Teachers will be employed directly by schools. We provide all of the teachers with free service, such as offering job opportunities, giving some advice about work visa application and living in China.


What we offer:

    Job opportunities –

We have many job opportunities in China every year. We are committed to finding the right person for the right job and ensuring a smooth transition for all parties.

We are looking for honest, reliable people with a positive attitude and strong work ethic who respect and value Chinese culture and traditions. 

    Work visa and resident’s permit –

We offer full support and assistance to employers looking to employ foreign passport holders.

We will guide employers through the visa process, ensuring all paperwork is correct, and helping to solve any issues that arise. 

    Translation and Notarisation of Certificates –

All foreign passport holders requiring a work visa must provide official notarised translations of all documentation as required by the Guangzhou Foreign Expert Bureau. These documents may include, but are not limited to, certificates of education, criminal records check and marriage certificates.

Our company offers full assistance in ensuring that these are completed correctly and to the specific government requirements. To enable us to do this, we need your cooperation in providing us with copies (not originals) of all required documents.

We aim to complete the process within 3 days, after which we will mail the completed documents to your home address.


Our Expectations:

We require employees and employers who are motivated, hard-working and reliable, therefore, we offer compensation to our partners for the recommendation of new employees.

Due to the nature of our business, and to ensure the integrity of those we work with, we require all employees and employers to complete background checks before engaging in any partnership. 

Contact us

Email: hrinchina@outlook.com

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