Our website is specifically designed to help employees find employment and employers find employees. We respect the privacy of our users and strive to provide a safe, secure online environment.
The information stored on this website will not be shared with any third-party companies or outside agencies except those we consider necessary to complete our service to you.
In some places we may link you to other websites which we consider, at time of updating, to be relevant and useful to our users. However, we have no control over the content, policies or practices of those websites and advise you to read the privacy policies of those websites to find out more.

Disclosure of Information
In order to provide you with the largest and most up-to-date database to search, it is necessary for us to share your personal information certain external parties, such as:

l  Employers an d Clients registered on our website

l  Referees or professional associations

l  Our contractors and suppliers (e.g. database designers an d third party website data hosts)

l  Others with a legal right to access the data

We may disclose such information to companies and individuals we employ to perform necessary functions on our behalf. These companies and individuals will have access to your personal information, but they are not authorised to share that information with any other third party or use the data for any other purpose. We will retain control of an d be responsible for any information shared in this way. For all other purposes your personal information will not be voluntarily disclosed unless required by law, or for the purpose of supplying you with a quality service as agreed under  the terms of our agreement.

Data protection
Our website is compliant with current data protection law. While we are using reliable, effective encryption methods to protect your data, it remains your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your personal information, such as username and password. You will be held responsible for all usage of your account, whether authorised by you or not. It is your responsibility to inform us as soon as possible of any unauthorised use of your account, personal information, username or password.

If you choose to post any of your personal information in public areas such as forums, chat rooms or the searchable online database, the information will be liable for collection and use by others, over whom we have no control. We will not be held responsible for the use made of your private information if you disclose it in such a way in public areas.

Our Use of Your Information
To become a member of our website, you need to provide some personal information when you sign up. The necessary information includes your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, contact information, and other information from which your identity is discernible. All the information we get from you is necessary for us to provide a good service to you.

In order to provide a better service to you, we may send your Resume to employers or potential employers who might be interested in it. The employers or potential employers also join our website by inputting a valid username and password. Then they can read your information freely an d consider you for employment.

Otherwise, we do not disclose your personal information, or information about your usage of our website, to third parties, except in the following situations:

l  When given the consent of our users

l  When requested to do so by a Government body or Regulatory Authority

l  When a third party acquires all or a substantial portion of our business (whether such an acquisition is by way of merger, consolidation or purchase of all or a substantial portion of our assets.)

Personal Behavior
If you post any of your personal information in public areas, such as in online forums or chat rooms, or in the searchable CV database, such information may be collected an d used by others over whom we have no control. We are not responsible for the use made by third parties of information you post or otherwise make available in public areas.

Contacting You
We will occasionally contact you via e-mail to send you service-related information such as latest job offers and a list of available teachers (to jobseekers and employers respectively).

We will also contact jobseekers when employers view and accept their resume and employers when we have a suitable can didate for their positions.

As part of our efforts to continually improve our service, we will occasionally modify or add new services for our users. We will inform all active members as these important additions and alterations are made.