China Z Visa Requirments and Process

China Z Visa Requirments

  • Age - 24-60 (male), 24-55 (female);

  • Valid passport - with at least 6 months duration after the applicant’s intended entry date;

  • Education - Bachelor Degree and above (require Native English speaking countries' BA for English teaching positions);

  • Nationality - Native or Non native English Speakers (must have Native English speaking countries' BA to apply for English teaching positions);

  • Experience - 2 years post graudate management (for management role) or teaching ( for teaching positions) experience.

  •  You don't need 2 years of teaching experience if you graduated in education major.

  • Criminal background - no criminal record

China Z Visa Process

(1). Get notification letter of foreigner’s work permit in the People’s Republic of China, apply from SAFEA(State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs )

   (a) Online application, need 5 working days

   (b) Booking and on-site handing materials, need 10 working days

(2). Get 3 months' residence permit, apply from PSB(Public Security Bureau), need 15 working days

(3). Get work permit certificate, apply from SAFEA, need 15 working days

(4). Get one year residence permit(Z visa), apply from PSB, need 15 working days 


(1). Passport

(2). CV

(3). BA authentication(need to get it from Chinese Embassy in the country where teacher got his/her BA)

(4). Criminal background check(need to get it from teacher’s local police)

(5). Proof of 2 years working experience related with teaching(need to include the school’s name, teacher’s job title, start and finish date, seal of the school)

(6). Medical check(need to do it in China)

(7). 12 recent photos(passport photo size, white background)