Tsinghua Foreign Language Training School
Shandong/Dezhou Language Training School Education/Training ×10KRMB 20-99 per.
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Tsinghua Foreign Language Training School is located in Tengzhou, Shandong Province. Established with the approval of the Education Bureau of Tengzhou City in December, 2006. Later it was chosen as the Demonstration Base of Youth Entrepreneurship among so many training centers and schools in Tengzhou. After years of development, nowadays we have possessed 12 classrooms, 11 full-time teachers and over 300 students who vary from 4 to 15 years old. That’s to say, our students cover kindergarten, primary school, middle high school and high school, Everyone here is positive, warm-hearted and willing to improve students’ English. We shall adhere to the spirit of esteeming teaching, promoting students, upholding honesty and advocating progress, pay more attention to the development of interest, standard pronunciation , systematic grammar and good language sense and try our best to bloom our school into a leading training one. Now we need a foreign teacher who can teach children English for at least 1 year. So if you are active, patient and like children, please contact us .We shall invite you to join us sincerely.