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Shandong/Jinan Language Training School Education/Training ×10KRMB 20-99 per.
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Jinan IELTS Training School is the first professional IELTS training school of Shandong Province which was established in 2001.The One and Only office is in the fifth floor of Shandong News Hotel, which is a four-star hotel. There is no other branch in Jinan. It is one of the most biggest and prestigious training institution in Shandong Province. We follow these philosophies of schooling: Long-term Considering, Earnest, Professional, and scale running We provide these services: high-quality, high standard, cordial and meticulous Enhance our core competitiveness with our professional; Strive to scale advantage with our comprehensive; Enjoy faster growth with the innovation model of “one centre, four supports”. Formed a series of Band Courses with “high-mark IELTS” as the leading core, “all-powerful English” “High school optimization” “Middle school optimization” and “Elementary optimization” as the auxiliary. Also it formed an integrated training system which involves in juveniles to study abroad students. We are vigorously undertaking International cultural education exchange activities with Canada, America, British and Australia in the way of summer camp, winter camp and short-term study. We have a teaching team with more than 100 full-time and part-time teachers; more than 3000 square meters’ teaching and work place. The classrooms are all with central air-conditioning or air-conditioning. We run the school with the concept of honesty which let the students study here relieved. We have several policies to maintain students’ interests, such as free classes, full-time assistant or head teacher, feedback of the learning effect. We aim to achieve first in teaching, quality and service in which to make you willing to spend money and time. Welcome to Jinan IELTS Training School! Choose us, give you bright future!