Shandong Zibo No.18 Middle School
Shandong/Zibo Public Middle School Education/Training 7000×10KRMB 100-499 per.
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The school is located in the center of Zibo city, quite near the downtown. The school has two campuses connected with a wall an d a gate. The western teachers’ accommodation building is located in the main campus. Zibo city is in the middle of Shan dong, a northern coastal province. Here winter is cold below zero centigrade, summer is hot around 25 to beyond 30 centigrade, an d spring is warm an d dry, autumn is mild with drizzles. It also has a hilly district, many scenic spots attract tourists here. Zibo is both ancient an d modern; it was the capital of the prosperous QI kingdom 2000 years ago, so many ancient relics could still be seen now. It has modern petrol-chemistry industry an d famous products of ceramics with silk. The living cost here is comparatively low. The average income of a local employee is around RMB1500 yuan to RMB2000 yuan each month. If you want, you can have a tranquil life here. Taking an express train, it is 4 hours to the north of Beijing (the capital), 1.75 hours to the east of Qingdao( a coastal city), an d 1.6 hours to the west of Taishan (Mount Tai). an d Confusion’s temple is also in Shan dong province.