Huzhou University
Zhejiang/Huzhou Public Univ. & College Education/Training 10K CNY 1000-9999 per.
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Huzhou University is a full-time comprehensive university of regular undergraduate. Its history can date backs to the year of 1916 when the Qiantang Dao(“Dao” is an old administrative unit, almost likes the “county”) set up the NO.3 Teachers’ Training School. It began to carry out higher educational program in 1958, and started to recruit undergraduates in 1994. In March 1999, Huzhou University was founded, by consolidating three former colleges and schools: Huzhou Normal Junior College, Huzhou Teacher’s School and Huzhou Teacher’s Training School. The later year in May, the former Huzhou Medical School merged into the newly founded university. Huzhou University passed the assessment of undergraduate teaching work organized by the Ministry of Education with evaluation of “good”in November 2005.The university has been entitled as the National Civilized Unit. It is qualified to recruit and cultivate both undergraduates and postgraduates and among the list of pilot universities to implement the national education training programs called “Excellent Doctors” and “Excellent Talents of Agriculture and Forestry”. Huzhou University is one of the key universities in the process of enrollment of regular institutions of higher learning in Zhejiang Province.