Heze University
Shandong/Heze Public Univ. & College Education/Training 10K CNY 1000-9999 per.
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Heze University is located in Heze City, southwest of Shandong Province. Heze City, bordering on the Yellow river, is the origin of Chinese nation. It is located in southwest of Shandong, bounded on by Jiangsu, Henan and Anhui. Through the Eurasian Continental Bridge, it can reach the east and west of the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, it owns a strategic position, connecting the south to thenorth and linking the east to the west. The Historical Records named it as“central of China”. President Xi Jinping called it “hometown of Fu Xi and birthplace of Yao and Shun”. Heze City is the original place of Yangshao and Longshan culture. Meanwhile, Confuscism and Taoism, Qilu culture and Zhongyuan(central China) culture, ocean culture and continental culture mingled here. It covers an area of 12239 square kilometers with a population around 10 million. Many famous people such as Queen of Han Dynasty Lv Zhi, philosopher Chuang Tzu,militarist Sun Bin, educator He Siyuan, first lady Peng Liyuan, champion ofmartial art Zhang Yuping and basketball player Mu Tiezhu are born at Heze. HezeCity is called Chinese City of Peony. Besides, it is praised as hometown ofChinese Opera, hometown of martial art, hometown of calligraphy and painting,hometown of folk art. Heze is the largest peony production, research, exportand visual base with the most numerous variety in the world. The cultivatedarea of peony is 250,000 mu (16667) with 9 colors, 10 flower patterns and 1237varieties. Peony industry has become the distinguished feature of Heze.