Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College(YWICC)
Zhejiang/Jinhua Public School Education/Training  500-999 per.
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Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College(YWICC), grown out of Yiwu Branch of Hangzhou University (founded in 1993), is the earliest higher vocational college run by the government at county level. With the approval of Zhejiang provincial government, the preparation for its construction began in July, 1997, and in May, 2002, its establishment was officially declared by Yiwu government after acceptance.
YWICC, situated in Yiwu city—known as China Commodity City in mid-western Zhejiang Province, covers an area of 160 acres and boasts the building floorage of more than 239,000 square meters. Owing to its beautiful scenery, it won the title of “picturesque campus”.
YWICC boasts more than 8800 full-time students and more than 1000 part-time students, 283 professional teachers, associate professors and professors.
YWICC provides a wide range of education covering business management, computer science, civil engineering, modern secretarial literature, economics, tourism, art design and foreign languages with the number of specialties reaching 23. The college also attaches great importance to the continued education for adults. Developing both full-time and part-time education, the continued education for adults (mainly Yiwu Trade Professional Institute and Yiwu Teaching Station of Long-distance Learning School of Zhejiang University) fully takes advantage of abundant teaching resources and good teaching facilities of YWICC and has been developing rapidly in recent years.
YWICC is determined to promote its international exchanges and cooperation through every possible means. She is making greater efforts to gather international talents, to introduce advanced teaching ideas and administrative experiences and to absorb funds, facilities and academic materials from abroad. Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College will take on a new looking in the beautiful international commodity city!
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