Meijia English Training School
Zhejiang/Ningbo Cooperation School Education/Training ×10KRMB 100-499 per.
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The Meijia English Training School has teachers from the United States and Canada. It is the first American English school in Cixi City that employs only foreign base teachers. Teachers have a bachelor's degree in education and/or hold a TEFL/TESL certificate.
Our certified teachers are experienced classroom educators who bring excitement and fun into their lessons. They are experienced at assisting students develop their learning interests, stimulate their learning potential and improve their learning methods. Our students can learn authentic American English without going abroad as well as having a solid foundation for their future academic studies and future employment.
Adopting the method of small size classes, we offer English courses for all ages including: Children English, Teenagers English, Adults Business English, and Mothers Conversational English. By using the authoritative ESL (English as a Second Language) teaching material of North American, we strive to satisfy the various demands of our English learners.
Our goal is to let the students learn English and master it in a relaxed and humorous atmosphere, in the mean time, to experience the educational culture of North America and the western way of thinking. We also want to cultivate their personality in a respected, interactive, and confident atmosphere.