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Foreign Teachers
Joy Children English School
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Job NatureFull-time
CategoryForeign Language Teacher
Need Amount8 persons
Experience1-3 yrs
Age RQMT55<
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AddressJoy Children's English School(Luoyang/Henan)
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Contact Person:Mikkel
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Foreign English Teacher We are looking for excellent and enthusiastic native English speakers who truly want to experience Chinese culture and work hard to be a great English teacher. We are offering a 12-month contract to come and teach with our school. Joy School will assist with all the necessary paperwork for application of VISA, Work Permit and Residency Permit before you come to china and you will, upon arrival, be issued with an official working visa as well as a foreign expert’s certificate and residency permit. You will technically be a Chinese Foreign Expert. As a foreign English teacher at Joy school, you will teach a maximum of 18 hours per week, often less than this. Your responsibilities are for the most part (but not limited to), planning and teaching classes with the Chinese teachers. In the regular classes, the foreign teacher acts as a guest-teacher and teaches the classes twice a month. The Chinese teacher will often inform you of the material that he or she would like for you to teach in that class, but you are free to teach the material in your own way. Joy School currently has 5 schools in the city and a sixth school is opening soon. As a foreign teacher you will be working at 1 school full-time or, in some cases, working at 2 schools that are very close to each other. Salary The starting monthly salary is RMB 6500 (just over $1000 USD) per month. The cost of living in Luoyang is extremely low with a meal at a local restaurant costing less than RMB 10 ($1.5 USD). The salary is more than enough to live a very comfortable life in Luoyang and still save money each month. Upon completion of a one-year contract you will receive a RMB 2000 bonus and, should you choose to stay, an annual salary raise of RMB 3900 for up to 3 con
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