Beijing will clean up illegal entry & illegal residence illegal work foreigners
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The 2012-05-14 18:46 source: xinhua net

Xinhuanet Beijing May 14 report (reporter LuGuoJiang) The Beijing municipal public security bureau announced on May 15 that from August one hundred days to open special action, focus on clean up in Beijing's illegal entry, illegal residence and work illegally foreigners.
The Beijing municipal public security bureau introduced, special operation, Beijing police will take key community, key parts inventory regulation strictly check regularly, visa application and other measures to increase the "three a" foreigners illegal crime work dynamics. Police also released a report 010-64038685 phone, to social solicitation "three the" foreigners clues.
According to information, along with the development of society and economy, Beijing attracted more and more foreigners to come to work and life, the Beijing daily actual foreigners of nearly 200000 people, residence has all across the city administrative area county. With more and more foreign personnel in Chinese society, some foreign illegal workers also mixed meantime, biding for illegal activities. According to statistics, illegal crime of foreigners "three the" problem is serious, this kind of foreigners, mostly without source without stable residence, no legitimate career, some even special to come to China to engage in illegal and criminal activities.