1000 Talent Plan for High-Level Foreign Experts
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I. Background
The past three decades since the implementation of the reform and opening-up policy have seen vigorous growth in China on many fronts and increasing international collaboration in the economy, technology, science, education and culture. The constant improvement in the atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship has provided unprecedented opportunity and a broad stage for outstanding global talents.
The High-Level Overseas Talents Recruitment Program (often referred to as the One Thousand Talent Plan) is China’s initiative to attract experts from overseas. According to the One Thousand Talent Plan, China aims to recruit outstanding overseas scientists and leading figures capable of achieving critical technological breakthroughs, developing high-tech industries and becoming the leading force of new disciplines to work in key state innovation projects, key disciplines and labs, state-owned enterprises and financial institutions, and high-tech industrial parks, as well as starting their own businesses in China within 5-10 years starting from 2008 when the plan was introduced to meet strategic targets of national development.
The 1000 Talent Plan for High-Level Foreign Experts (The Plan), as an integral component of One Thousand Talent Plan, aims to recruit 500-1,000 foreign experts of non-Chinese descent within 10 years. IN 2011, SAFEA was put in charge of implementation of The Plan under the general guidance of the CPC Central Committee High-Level Overseas Talents Recruitment Working Group.

II. Who Can Apply
At present, the 1000 Talent Plan for High-Level Foreign Experts mainly recruits foreign experts for long-term projects, which means they come to work in China for at least 9 months a year for 3 consecutive years.
Long-term Project applicants need a PhD granted by an overseas education institution, be under 65 years and meet one of the following requirements:
 being professors or experts and scholars of equivalent status in famous overseas universities and research institutes;
 being technical and managerial professionals in senior positions at globally renowned enterprises and financial institutions;
 being entrepreneurial talents who possess IPRs or core technologies, have experience starting businesses abroad and are conversant with related fields and corresponding international norms;
 being high-level innovative talents and entrepreneurial talents of whom China is in urgent need.

III. How to Apply
Applicants can apply to be an expert under The Plan through recommendation by their employers (or direct recommendation by social sectors) or self-recommendation.
Recommendation by employers shall go through the following 5 steps:
 Communication and initial employment intention between employers and applicants (talents to be recruited)
 Submission of applicants’ material by employers to provincial and municipal administrations of foreign experts affairs or departments of foreign experts affairs of the ministries and commissions of the central government
 Scrutiny and verification by experts organized by the Office of High-level Overseas Talents Recruitment Program of CPC Central Organization Department
 Application approval by the CPC Central Committee High-Level Overseas Talents Recruitment Working Group

As for applicants recommended by social sectors or by themselves, SAFEA has set up a special platform for communication, providing information and assistance during the application process.
The introduction of experts under The Plan abides by both Chinese law and the relevant laws in the countries from where the experts are recruited. It also protects the intellectual property of agencies and individuals.

IV. Working Benefits
Experts recruited under The Plan enjoy following working benefits:
 They may take up above-middle-rank leadership positions or senior professional leadership positions in universities, research institutes, state-owned enterprises, business and financial institutions; they may head key national scientific and technological projects.
 They have the right to decide on how to use the research fund within their scope of responsibility, the content of the research, the adjustments to the technical roadmap, and employment, appointment and treatment of team members.
 They may apply for government research funds and support funds for industrial development
 Long-term project experts will be recognized as “State Specially Recruited Expert”.
 Each long-term project expert receives one-off subsidy of 1 million yuan from the central budget. The central budget shall also offer each expert who engages in scientific research, especially fundamental research work, a research subsidy of 3-5 million yuan in accordance with the needs of the work through their employers.
Apart from the above work conditions, experts under The Plan are also entitled to the administration and service that SAFEA offers to experts under its Recruitment Program of High-end Foreign Experts. It provides continuous all-round support, a platform for career advancement, and development opportunities for foreign experts and their employers, which include priority in receiving support for talents recruitment and overseas training, in receiving financial support for key talent recruitment projects and Project 111, in getting administrative permits concerning foreign experts, and in promoting, supporting and recognizing the achievements of talents introduction; encouraging experts under The Plan to set up joint research teams; setting up the corresponding fund for The Plan; encouraging other special funds or venture capital to invest in innovation by experts under The Plan and help start their own businesses.
 They may be recommended for the “Chinese Government Friendship Award”; be invited to meetings with top national leaders, important festive celebrations, international exchanges, vacations, parties and seminars, etc.
V. Benefits
Experts recruited under The Plan enjoy following benefits:
1. Visa Experts and their accompanying spouse (of foreign descent) and children (under 18 years old) can get Permanent Residence Card,or apply for multiple entry visa valid for 2-5 years. They enjoy priority in applying for Chinese citizenship.
2. Subsidy Long-term project experts each receive a subsidy of 1 million yuan from the central budget, which is exempt from individual income tax; within five years, the total subsidy for housing, food, relocation and education of children shall be deducted from their salary payable for tax pursuant to relevant Chinese tax laws and regulations.
3. Medicare Experts under The Plan enjoy healthcare and are covered by basic retirement, medical and injury insurance, etc. Employers can also buy supplementary commercial insurance for foreign experts

 4. Residence and Spouse Employment 
 Experts under The Plan enjoy facilities and subsidies for purchasing and renting houses. The employment of their accompanying spouse and the education of their children under 18 years old shall be taken into consideration. They shall also receive living and education (children) subsidies.

(From: http://1000plan.safea.gov.cn/)