Refresh Time:2017-07-17
Keenan Rossouw
M| 32 Y/O.| Bachelor| Experience:3-5 yrs |SGL |English
Nationality:South African
Residence:South Africa
Intention Jobs
Position:Foreign Language Teacher
Salary:5K~10K/mon|Want to go to work at UL
Status:I can be quickly to come
Contact Info
Good day lovely people of the world. I hope you are doing well. My brother and I are High School Teachers in South Africa. We both decided to spend the next 2 years (2018 and 2019) in China. The reason: the country is beautiful, we want to explore and have beautiful adventures and importantly, the Chinese citizens NEED English. We both are passionate teachers with tons of stamina and enthusiasm, we are not afraid of challenges and most importantly, we love TEACHING. By choosing us as teachers it will benefit you greatly. We are ONLY applying to public schools NOT teaching centres. And the cities we want to teach in are either Shanghai or Beijing. We want to be stationed at the same school. Lindsays' achievements: - BA DEGREE IN ENGLISH (3 YEARS) - QUALIFIED TEACHING CERTIFICATE - TEFL QUALIFICATION (120 HOURS) - 2 YEARS PRACTICAL IN CLASS EXPERIENCE (Currently employed at a school) Keenans' achievements: - Busy with TEFL (NOT COMPLETED YET) - CERTIFICATE IN COMPUTERS (He is a computer teacher at the school) - 1 YEAR TEACHING EXPERIENCE (Currently employed at a school) We both will ONLY BE AVAILABLE IN JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018. Our current contracts end in December 2017. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: - I will only be issued my teaching certificate on the 14/15th of December 2017. - We do not have the Police Clearance yet. - My brother is waiting for his passport to arrive (in the next months to come)
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