Refresh Time:2017-09-30
Lindsay Rossouw
M| 32 Y/O.| Bachelor| Experience:5-10 yrs |SGL |English
Nationality:South Africa
Residence:South Africa
Intention Jobs
Position:Foreign Language Teacher
Salary:5K~10K/mon|Want to go to work at Anywhere of China
Status:I can be quickly to come
Contact Info
Good day my friends. As the subject entails, I am a qualified school teacher (PGCE). I teach English Home Language, First Additional Language (equivalent to ESL) and Life Orientation (mixture of sociology, anthropology, history, environmental studies, psychology and social studies). As an exclusive, I am a part time drama teacher and an athletics coach. Prior I taught ESL in Europe for 2 years (2014-2016). I am currently middle and high school in South Africa. My classes seat a maximum of 40 learners, I teach 3 groups per grade. I am confident in my teaching experience and knowledge and fully capable of adjusting myself to any environment suited. Every day I grow as a teacher, I continuously self-reflect and critique myself after every class, the most ignorant thing to say as a teacher is: "I never make mistakes". PLEASE LISTEN CAREFULLY; MANY RECRUITERS AND SCHOOLS IGNORE THIS PART! I am currently still at school, my contract ends on the 8th of December 2017. Only then, will I be available. I am applying to teach in China for 2018. I have applied for my police clearance, still waiting. In addition, I cannot provide my PGCE Certificate as of yet because I am a teacher in training through university, I am graduating on the 14 of December 2017. I can however provide proof via academic results and registration. What I have: - BA DEGREE (Linguistics) - TEFL Certificate 120 hours in class training - PGCE DEGREE (in progress) - 3 years practical experience - Passport - Police Clearance (in progress) In addition, I have a younger brother that would also be joining me to teach in China. We are applying "together".
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