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Arnold H Willner
M| 62 Y/O.| Bachelor| Experience:>10 yrs |mar. |TEFL
Intention Jobs
Position:Foreign Language Teacher
Salary:10K>/mon|Want to go to work at Anywhere of China
Status:I can be quickly to come
Contact Info
Interests Reading, writing, computer, horticulture, Ceramics and movies I am applying for an English teacher position, I have been interested in the English Language my entire life. I have always been a big reader and writer. I enjoy teaching English, I enjoy watching my students English improve with each new lesson they are taught. I have always been a patient even tempered man and I believe this serves me well as a teacher.
1970-9 to 1974-6
Junior high school|Abraham Lincoln High School|Junior high school
1974-9 to 1976-6
Junior College|Kingsborough Community College Brooklyn NY|Junior College
Experience(He/she worked for 1yrs5mons and at5 positions)
1986-9 to 1994-7
Self Employed|Self Employed
Achievement:1986-1994 - Self Employed - Jewerly Selling in Waterlooplein Amsterdam Netherlands
1994-9 to 1997-8
The Plastic Man|Brooklyn NY- Clerical work and graphics
Achievement:1994-1997 - The Plastic Man- Brooklyn NY- Clerical work and graphics
1997-9 to 2001-8
NYC Parks Department|Brooklyn neighborhoods
Achievement:1997-2001- NYC Parks Department- Duties to take care of several parks in Brooklyn neighborhoods
2002-9 to 2004-7
record keeping and Clerical work|NYC, 31 Chambers St
Achievement:2002-2004- Department OF Record s and Information for NYC, 31 Chambers St .NY NY- duties- record keeping and Clerical work.
2005-2 to 2005-6
teaching English to Elementary School Children|Patai Udom Suksa School
Achievement:February 2005-June 2005, Patai Udom Suksa School, Bangkok Thailand- teaching English to Elementary School Children, ages 8-12 September 2005-Present- Yongji Middle School, Yongi, Shanxi Province China- Teaching English to Middle School students, ages between 15 and 17 years old.
1996-8Graphic Arts
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