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F| 31 Y/O.| Bachelor| Experience:5-10 yrs |mar. |Educational Technology
Intention Jobs
Position:Foreign Language Teacher
Salary:>10K/mon|Want to go to work at Anywhere of China
Status:To wait & see a good job
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I am a qualified teacher with 3 years’ professional practice within a range of different schools, year level and curriculum topics. I have resided in Australia for the past 10 years and am a proud citizen of the country I am lucky enough to call home. While born and raised in the North European country of Lithuania, at the age of 15 I found myself expatriated to Ireland where I enrolled as a student at a traditional Catholic high school for girls. Undertaking secondary studies in a new language was equal parts challenging and rewarding, and I needed to work hard to achieve good grades as I graduated high school. Martial arts have always intrigued me, which served as inspiration during my time in Ireland to commit to train and attain a black belt in karate; an achievement of which I am proud.
2010-9 to 2014-6
Bachelor|Central Queensland University|Learning Management and VET (Secondary)
Experience(He/she worked for 2yrs7mons and at4 positions)
2016-1 to 2016-12
Secondary Teacher|Shalom Catholic College, Bundaberg
Achievement:Shalom Catholic College has a vast curriculum; providing opportunities to engage in team work and collegial collaboration to develop unit and lesson plans that reflect contemporary pedagogical practices that promote student engagement
2015-7 to 2015-12
Relief and contract teacher|Shalom Catholic College
Achievement:Subjects taught: Year 11 Marine studies Year 8 Religious studies
2015-1 to 2015-5
Relief and various short-contr|Kepnock State High School
Achievement:Subjects taught: English Mathematics Various supply work
2014-1 to 2014-12
Contractor|Kepnock State High School
Achievement:Subjects taught: Year 8-9 German Year 8 English Year 11 English Year 9 Geography
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