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English Teachers
ShouXian Number 1 School
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Job NatureFull-time
CategoryForeign Language Teacher
Need Amount2 persons
Experience1-3 yrs
Age RQMT55<
Recruitment DEPTUL
AddressShouxian No.1 Middle School(Anhui/LiuAn)
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Contact Person:Richard
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You MUST to be a native speaker, ideally from the Uk, US, AUS, NZ
Age of students: 16 and 17
City: Small and in the middle of nowhere. Beijing 4hrs by fast train. Shanghai 3.5hrs by fast train.
Lessons 20 per week. 45mins each lesson. 15hrs a week in total. 1 lesson plan for each week.
Course Materials provided.
YOU SHOULD REALLY HAVE SOME TEACHING EXPERIENCE AND YOU MUST HAVE A DEGREE Religion - all are welcome, although please don't talk about it constantly.
Learning Mandarin - You should really want to learn how to speak Chinese. It’s one of the main advantages of living in a smaller town. Open attitude to trying new foods and you NEED to be willing to drink Chinese Rice Wine. You should really be ready to jump in and try all aspects of Chinese Culture both with others and on your own. Self Sufficient - There's only going to be 1 other foreigner in the city. It can and will get lonely. They haven’t even started selling cheese in the city. You’ll need to drive 45 mins or order it from the internet. Internet cheese. Think about it, Thats the type of city this is, 'internet cheese'. • Pay: 8000rmb per month • Flights: 1 return ticket after 12 months. • Apartment: Individual. At least 2 bedrooms. • Hours: around 16hrs + Mandarin Course. • Mandarin Course - YES. study your heart out! 4 lessons per week including Oral & written components. • MUST BE A NATIVE SPEAKER… just in case you didn’t see it the first time. • TIME OFF: Yes, 2 days a week plus other seemingly random national holidays such as ‘Dragon Boat festival’ ‘Tomb sweeping Day’ ‘Yellow skin appreciation day’ (that last one was made up – no offense intended)
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