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China University Of Geosciences (Beijing)
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Contact Person:Prof. William D. White
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(1) A literature instructor (with suitable MA or MFA) also able to handle EFL duties

(2) Three EFL instructors also interested in teaching culture-oriented courses

All must be responsible, well-educated and resourceful native speakers of English. Candidates need, at a minimum, solid undergraduate training (and in the case of the instructor for courses in English literature at the BA and MA levels, appropriate postgraduate training) and degrees. Some experience of teaching, tutoring or training is also desirable. The EFL instructors we hire should hold a good BA in English literature or related field in the humanities or social sciences (eg creative writing, classics, history, anthropology, linguistics, sociology, political economy, communication, area studies with literary content). Important: CELTA or reputable TEFL certification (120 hours) is needed to obtain a Chinese work permit unless the candidate has three years of teaching experience. An MA is helpful but definitely not required for the EFL posts.

The base salary for teachers is currently 7500 yuan per month. Staff will receive an additional 500 yuan per month if they have a relevant master’s degree. Teachers who stay on after the first year receive a 10% hike in salary for the first three renewals, using the newest base salary.

All foreign instructors are housed in individual flats on campus, provided without charge by the university.

The teaching load for foreign instructors is 14 classroom hours or less per week, in keeping with guidelines issued by the Beijing Foreign Experts Bureau. If more teaching time is needed from staff (seldom the case), this is scheduled strictly with the agreement of the teachers concerned, who are then paid for the extra time.

The EFL teaching program emphasizes educated colloquial English, academic English, and Western culture; in certain EFL courses attention is paid to the English of scientific discussion, though not of a highly technical sort. Our literature courses are lecture-based at the undergraduate level, but at the MA level these give way to seminars emphasizing close reading and active student participation.

We welcome applicants from the British Isles, North America and Australasia, whether living abroad or currently in China.
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