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Sandy Christine Hufano
F| 34 Y/O.| Bachelor| Experience:>10 yrs |mar. |Business Administration
Intention Jobs
Position:Foreign Language Teacher
Salary:Negotiable|Want to go to work at Anywhere of China
Status:I can be quickly to come
Contact Info
The Officer in Charge Dear Sir/Madam, Warm greetings! I am writing this letter for the possibility of an available position in your prestigious school. I am particularly interested in applying as a teacher. I graduated from university with the degree in BS Commerce major in Management and Accounting, however I have some experiences in teaching children. I was hired as a summer teacher in English First in 2006. I took my TEFL training in December 2006 in Zhuhai, China. In our training, we taught pupils ages 7 to 12 years old. We also had one-on-one classes and helped them developed their English skills- vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking and writing. I am currently working in Gateway Language Village, Hangzhou branch, a training school for adults and teenagers. We are teaching teenagers and adults, ages 16 to 60. This position enables me to provide students to practice and master basic communication skills. I tailor activities to maintain interest of high- level students without intimidating less skilled English speakers. I would appreciate very much if you will give me a chance to be a part of your teaching force and I am reasonably confident that my genuine interest in teaching will be useful in pursuing the objectives of your school. Attached here with is my resume for your perusal. Any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call or send an email. Looking forward to your most favorable response. Thank you very much.
2003-9 to 2007-6
Bachelor|Saint Louis College|Management Accountin
Experience(He/she worked for 4mons and at1 positions)
2007-9 to 2012-8
Senior Teacher|Gateway Language Village
Achievement:I enjoyed being in this school.I am a senior teacher. Some of the classes are prepared and we usually teach our line of interests.
2012-7 to 2012-8
TEFL|TEFL Zhuhai China
Training DESC:I attended an English course. It offered experiences in teaching young and adults.
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