Xavier Larrade (M,24岁)


最高学历:Bachelor | 工作经验:1-3 years | 专业:Economics

婚姻状况:SGL | 身  高:182 cm

籍  贯:American | 现居住地:998 SHANGCHUAN Rd

Good Image
Sense of humor
Honest and trustworthy




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期望地区:Shanghai|期望行业:Other,Training Organisation,Nursery School,Primary School,Agent Company
期望岗位:Preschool Education,Lecturer/Assistant,Primary School Teacher,Part-time Faculty,English Teacher
Total Experience: 2 years
Preferred Job ****s: Shanghai
Preferred Occupation: English Teaching Other Teaching/Training
Expected Salary: Negotiable
Job Type: Part time
Availability: Able to begin work in one month.

Career ****ive: Teachers are responsible for planning, organizing, preparing and delivering instructional programs to students in order to facilitate learning and development
Teachers are required to establish and communicate clear learning ****ives to their students. They do this by providing a variety of learning materials and resources and using relevant technology to support their instructions. Teachers are also required to observe students and ****uate their performance.
Teachers play a very important role in a student’s life. A good teacher can actually make more difference to a young mind than a good parent. Students identify very strongly with their teachers which makes it quite a challenging job to do.
Career ****ive
As well teachers learn from the students, being this a very powerful tool to form a solid structure in the teaching process.

Time Period: 2011/08 - 2014/11
Company Name: Kindergartens, Summer Language program, international day camp,
Occupation: English Teaching
Work Experience: I've worked in > Summer day camp programs for kids with autism (Volunteer). > International day camps. > Kindergartens (2) (1 year each) > Weekend park trips (group of 25-50 kids, between ages: 2-10) > Substitute teacher during 1(one) month (2nd grade)

Education Period: 2015/06 - 2019/04
School: Shanghai Finance University
Major: International Economics
Degree: Bachelors Degree
English: Mother Tongue Chinese: None Spanish: Fluent

I am a promoter of cultural exchange, therefore trying to explore every corner of the world, as well i like to expose my cultural traditions so others can open their eyes and see the different traditions that are around the world to create a different perspective of humanity.

I am a self taught guitarist, willing to use this as a teaching method to make the teaching process easy an outgoing, as its been proved scientifically that music enhances the learning process. Additional Information:
Right now i am out of the country doing community service in Caracas, Venezuela. Ill be back in Shanghai February 18th, so from that date on i am available. (this date can change if required)
PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA-EMAIL: xavierlarralde@gmail.com WeChatID: XavierLB
Skype: xavierlarralde